26 October 2013

An early finish

Having knocked over all my programmed sessions for the week I get a well deserved rest day tomorrow.
My last programmed session, a ride - done this morning, was a delight.  

A huge thunderstorm with heavy rain rolled through Darwin at around 3am this morning making the BoM radar look very colourful indeed.  

Luckily it had moved on by the time I surfaced a few hours later and I had no excuse for not hitting the road.

Darwin was again sparkling after the storm (albeit minus a few tree branches which had come down in the deluge) and I love the way the trees respond to a couple of good drenchings.

I headed off along the Foreshore and then decided to explore some of the suburban side streets of Coconut Grove.  

For one reason or another, it had been a long time since I ventured off the Dick Ward Drive (the main road) and it showed.  There have been some seriously big & some interesting houses built particularly in the Orchard Road area.

In keeping with my vow to smell the frangipani more, I was delighted to watch a flock of white cockatoos feeding.  There were some very young birds among them, still being feed by, I assume, their mothers.

So that's Week 2 done.

I'm happy with progress across all three disciplines and the "one step at a time" approach is certainly working.

Over the coming weeks I'm going to continue my research into my nutrition options.  This has particular significance now as far as race day & training nutrition is concerned (all things digestive have changed some what for me post op).

A viewing of Catalyst this week further clouded the issue with the program claiming among other things, that we have been hoodwinked into believing saturated fats are all bad.

While that may well be true, I'm leaning towards learning, at long last, to like the taste of olives and perhaps heading in the Mediterranean diet direction.

I've noticed I have somehow naturally reduced my intake of red meat in favour of a lot more fish.  

Who knows, I may end up vegetarian. I'm also shopping more often at the local organic produce supplier.

Perhaps it's time to visit a nutritionist who knows athletes and/or those who may be digestively challenged.  Any recommendations? 

So what will I do with my day tomorrow given that I've finished my training week early?  

Think I'll pop down to Lake Alex and watch the little juniors in action.  Their tri enthusiasm is infectious!

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