17 October 2013

Day Four

Swimming - you don't know what you've got until it's gone!

Totally true.  I even suffered slight doms after that first session. 

I've now done two swim squads, well two half swim squads to be truthful and can state quite honestly that "it's" gone.

There's zilch feel for the water happening.  It's strugglesville all the way.  But IM brain knows it will get better - consistency, over time - as a certain super coach would say.

To be truthful the hardest part is actually getting out of bed early enough to be at the pool for start time.  That alarm goes off way too early for someone who has developed a liking for rising whenever. 

Wallowing around the back of the latte lane is fun though and friends appear to be just as chuffed as me that I have finally returned to the best lane of the squad - we think so anyway. 

My walk/jog/talk yesterday evening was most enjoyable but my bike didn't eventuate so I'm already a session down so far this week.

Oh I tried.  I got the cycle gear on, lathered up with the sunscreen, had the water bottle, phone sorted and helmet and bike shoes on.  Had even reset the cycle computer with a great deal of care.

It wasn't until I went to push Ms Giant out of the shed that I realised that alas, the front tyre was as flat as a pancake.

Having absolutely no strength in my hands these days means I'm reliant on Dazzle for tyre changes and he wasn't around. So back indoors I went and there went the ride I had intended to do.

All is not lost. I have three cycle sessions to do this week and three and a half days in which to do them.  This comeback queen might just get there still

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