21 October 2013

Not quite a rest day

The overwhelming tiredness that gave me the early tip last November that "something wasn't right" (if nothing else, we triathletes know our bodies) had also contributed to a deterioration of standards around our house. 

I'm a "don't let it get to health hazard sort" of a girl but even I had to admit to needing help.

Enter the marvelous Bec who declared getting us ship shape again would be a work in progress.  It proved to be so but it wasn't that long before she had us back in clean surrounds. 

Luckily we had her expertise & elbow grease to keep us ticking over on the home front while I recovered from surgery and then during chemotherapy.

But all good things come to an end and morning sickness, the onset of the build up and an increased study load, eventually led to Bec handing in the keys.

We can't thank her enough for helping to get us through a pretty rough patch.

And what has all that got to do with my role as Comeback Queen?

Today I resumed what I'd call full on domestic goddess status. 

Lost count of the number of times I went up and down the stairs often lugging the vacuum cleaner or bucket or wash basket. 

Add in a few trips to the clothes line, garbage bin and a bit of furniture moving and I was pooped, not to mention a dripping sweaty thirsty mess!

I kid you not.  

So although I didn't formally tick anything off my week's worth of swim, bike, run sessions - it was not quite a rest day. 

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