24 October 2013

Pat on the back

Since my last post I've  knocked over a couple of good rides that were short but enjoyable and the tush is adapting quicker than I thought it may.   

I've been taking the opportunity to do a little exploring while out on the bike and I managed to find the location of the owl family on the Nightcliff foreshore.  There are three "fluffy" owlets. 

Little owlet

An overnight downpour meant our part of the world was sparkling today and all the dry season dust well and truly washed off buildings & vegetation alike.

Darwin is fantastic immediately after rain with the frangipani trees emitting their heady scents - I think Jingili could easily qualify for the most fragrant suburb after riding in and around there this afternoon. 

Swimming at Nightcliff Pool is also a real pleasure.  We are so lucky to have this gem right on our doorstep - we are a short two minute walk around the corner. 

Nightcliff Swimming Pool

It may not sound like much but this morning I managed to swim 200m non stop without fins or pool buoy.  Must have been the latte lane determination coming out!

Far cry from the heady days of knocking over a full swim squad and remaining behind to do what we affectionately call "detention" ie extra laps. 

Not sure why it meant so much, but it certainly had me on a high before dissolving into the now familiar post swim sneezathon.

Gave myself a pat on the back!

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