25 October 2013

Paying attention

As well as trying to make more time to smell the roses ... or is that "smell the frangipani", I've also vowed to make more time to notice the things around me.

In the past while I've been wizzing by on my bike or running past and something caught my eye, I've been reluctant to interrupt a training session to take a few minutes to pay closer attention.

Not so during this comeback phase.  During this gradual reintroduction to swim, bike, run and while I'm relearning "how" to train - I've been happy to stop and look.

And I've been rewarded each time I've stopped including:

Henbury School wall

Casuarina laneway

Water Gardens, Jingili

I am however, all squared away with my "training" to date and can see progress ... it's slow, but it is progress!

Those minute long jogs are getting easier, my back is holding up much better on the bike and insomnia is a thing of the past. 

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