30 October 2013

Side trip

Since last post I've had a quick trip to Brisbane, my first since being in hospital there earlier this year.

My "Robyn the Rainmaker" reputation remains intact - I had barely hit the ground  when the BoM started broadcasting storm warnings of the batten down the hatches variety, complete with emergency numbers to ring if any damage was sustained.

It certainly upset my plans as I condensed the "essentials" into a shorter time period so as to avoid being on the road at the storm's ETA.

Whilst we did get some rain, the worst of it slipped by under us and later when another front went through, above us. 

Back home in Darwin and the heat hit like a wall immediately on disembarking.  I waited until later this evening before going for my run.

Happy to report that the enjoyment factor was pretty high and all efforts were completed.  

The afternoon was nicely rounded off with some stretching on the foreshore listening to this. An oldie but a goodie!

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