19 October 2013

Ticking another box

With all good intentions of getting an earlier start, it was still 7am before I hit the road for the second of my scheduled three rides this week.

Having been off my bike now for more weeks than I can remember, these first couple of rides have come back to bite.

First of all my tush isn't happy to be back on a hard bike seat after all this time.  

Then my back has forgotten what aero means, my tum has mysteriously developed a bulge that crinkles up in the short period of aero I have to do, my thumbs are protesting about holding on to the drops and lastly, even the soles of my feet are making their presence felt!

But that aside, how absolutely wonderful it was to be out there reasonably early in the morning and feel the breeze past my ears and sun on my face.

Went slightly overtime but totally happy to be spinning away again. 

I'm still riding on my faithful old Giant bike.  Ms Trek is dangling from the roof - only to be taken down when I manage to get a 50km ride up on the clock.

Added motivation ...

Small steps!

Marvelous Ms Trek can hit the road again when I reach 50km

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