18 October 2013

Walk, jog, walk

My lovely friend Kylie is a super motivator and this morning was no exception.

Kylie was by my side often over the past year & kept me going when the going got tough.  

We were together at Kona last year (2012) having both qualified at Phuket in December 2011 so share a deep bond from that experience,

Her support as a friend, as a training partner for Hawaii and as a motivator in general has been unfailing and the announcement last Christmas that she was expecting a baby proved a huge benefit for me.

As her pregnancy progressed, she slowed down and we shared many many walks together during the later months.

I can't thank her enough for her ability to motivate me to get out there (she won't take no for an answer) and for her patience to plod happily alongside me as we got slower and slower as my chemo treatment & her pregnancy progressed.

Kylie eventually gave birth to a beautiful little girl in August and by coincidence, she too is making her comeback to swim, bike, run as of this week.  We seem to be in sync!

I know it won't be long before she has way to much pace for me but when the opportunity arose to do a session together this morning, I gratefully accepted.

We walked, talked & pram pushed and took it in turns to do our "efforts".  In no time at all, we were done.

Thank you Kylie!

 Walk/jog/walk along Darwin's Rapid Creek

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