20 October 2013

You have to start somewhere

This time last week I pondered my program and wondered just how I would manage the seemingly endless list of sessions.

Though they were teeny in comparison to previous Ironman training programs they appeared to be now out of reach.

As they say ....

Small steps

... and I feel very much as if I have taken that single step.

What have I noticed as I reintroduced swim, bike, run into my life again?

Firstly, I have definitely slept better than I have for months.  Physically tired meant less nocturnal Twitter and Facebook sessions - a very bad habit developed when sleep didn't come so easily.

Secondly, I swear I have more energy.  

Perhaps exercise really does help to keep the black dog at bay.  I certainly feel enthusiastic about "having something to do" each day which involves getting out and about.  This is a direct contrast to the mainly homebased chemically induced haze I often lived whilst on chemo.  

And thirdly, contrary to what I assumed would happen, I haven't been in search of food as I thought perhaps I would.  If anything I've upped my hydration more and now seem able to get to the tap without first opening the fridge door.  

We had a club race down at the Lake this morning.  As usual I was on the sidelines.  That's ok.  At this stage I still have no inclination to participate - but that's not new!

Even before Hawaii last year I found I gained far more enjoyment from taking photos of those racing than I did from actually taking part. 

Underway at Lake Alex

Cycle average this week:  20km per hour / as you can see there is a very long way to go but you have to start somewhere!

And I have.  

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  1. Beautiful photo mum. And a wonderful first week's effort xxx