28 November 2013

300m Memories

Wiser people than me advise that those just beginning swimming should try to forget all about speed at first.  

Hell, that Total Immersion guy even says "Swimming slowly is the best way to develop habits of efficiency and economy".

That's all good news for me because at this stage I feel like a complete beginner and I'm definitely swimming slowly (as my position at the rear of the latte lane shows). 

This morning at Nightcliff Pool I experienced a pleasing breakthrough when swimming slowly (jury still out on whether my style is efficient or economic).  No biggie but pretty chuffed I can now swim 300m non stop.  I'd like to think irongirl determination is returning.  

Perhaps it never left!

Greatly elated by this latest small achievement, I stopped for a breather (I'm allowed, just ask my coach) and looking down the lane recalled that this time last year I was struggling to make it through 50m and starting to seriously question that post Kona fatigue ever felt like this. 

I'm a huge believer in listening to your body and also believe that triathletes are fairly in tune with their inner workings, in particular, those that roll in Ironman circles.  

That certainly was the case when I took myself off to the local medical centre early in 2011 when, post IM 70.3 Phuket, I knew something wasn't quite right.   At that time I did have to be pretty persistent in trying to get my vague "I think there is something wrong with me" symptoms across. 

Fast forward and that feeling turned out to be my first encounter with colectoral cancer and resulted in surgery in the form of a right hemicolectomy .  

With irongirl determination (and lots of encouragement and careful management from coach Daz) I was able to don my first Comeback Queen crown and make it back to Phuket in December 2011 and from there Kona (2012).  

So obviously when I was struggling to get through a piddling 50m towards the end of last year and having competed at Hawaii only ten or so weeks prior, I headed off to my GP again post haste.

No surprise that gazing down the swim lane this morning experiencing 300m euphoria the memories of why I'm on my second Comeback Queen stint came flooding back. 

Nightcliff Pool - where I swim slowly


  1. Robyn, I can't wait to line up with you at Hawaii. I better get stuck into the training though, because it would be a bit of a shame job if you beat me! But seriously Robyn, you are such a legend. Doing what you love and with a smile on your face, the results to achieve are going to be so sweet after the work you are putting in. xx