14 November 2013

Cycling hazards in Darwin

Pedalling along yesterday morning, enjoying the serenity, I happened across a scene that made me blink twice.

There just off the bike path ahead were a couple of rangers (female) "man" handling a croc into the back of a ute.

Blink, blink - yes that's definitely a croc and me with no camera (what on earth could you see on a 40 minute ride that would require a photo?  Lots it turns out).

The female saltwater crocodile had been caught in the croc trap located on our suburban Rapid Creek. 

Croc in a trap

That got me thinking again about the hazards of riding in and around Darwin while tri training.

There are many including:

Broken glass
Nest protecting plovers
Dogs on the loose
Broken glass
Non functioning water bubblers
Monitor lizards
Broken glass
Long grassers asleep on the bike path
Aggressive Darwin Bus drivers
Broken glass
Road trains
Broken glass
Blokes in utes
Broken glass
Low flying bush turkeys
Flocks of cockatoos
Broken glass
Dry season burn off smoke
Broken glass
Motorised bikes on bike paths
Intoxicated long grassers and backpackers
Broken glass 
and more and more -
Speeding trucks

My favourite stretch of bike path

As I venture out on my comeback rides, I tend to stick as much to the bike paths as I can, avoiding roads and peak hour traffic where and whenever possible. 

My notice my bike skills are picking up and I am definitely getting stronger.

So long as I can avoid the hazards of cycling in Darwin I'm now certain my cycling fitness will return.  

Hasten slowly. 

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