23 November 2013

Cyclone heading this way

That first little brick I mentioned last post was successfully achieved - albeit in a rather damp state after being caught in passing storm that rolled through just at the end of my ride.

Our wet has arrived early (compared to last year, VERY early) and we are now officially on a Cyclone Watch with Tropical Cyclone Alessia (currently a cat 1) tracking our way.
All training is now being completed with the help of the BoM radar.  

Living in the Top End and triathlon training at this time of year means accepting that you will get wet but also that you can get very adept at dodging storms; accepting that your house can take on a decidedly cluttered look as shoes, helmets, gloves & clothes all vie for drying positions under the fan and that noses are now on high alert for mould - another reality of living through the wet season!

With cyclone supplies in (baked beans & water at top of the list) and car filled with fuel, it was get out on the bike time again this morning.  

Perfectly timed before the rain rolled in, my super training partner and I got our ride done without getting wet.

It was also the first ride we have done together in a very long time, so a celebratory comeback coffee was had at the Waterfront.

Celebrating first ride together in months

Although delighted to be out riding, it did highlight that I have a long way to go on the road back to fitness - discovered that the Museum hill takes on mountainous proportions when legs are not Kona ready as they were the last time I went up there on a bike!

With a cyclone heading this way and torrential rain coming through more frequently there will be a lot of BoM watching tomorrow to get the last of this week's sessions done.

At the moment Darwin looks pretty grey and wet and it appears that it will be for the next few days.

Wet, wet, wet with our first cyclone heading this way

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