20 November 2013

Pesky plovers & more progress

It's hump day and I've shaken off whatever was causing some health concerns.  I'd put up with general unwellness for a few days, took to the horizontal (a lot) and faked it for awhile before finally getting a doctor's appointment. My recent experiences with the big C mean I'm much more vigilant about being checked out.  Appears whatever was ailing me, has now passed as I've bounced back to feeling pretty damn good today. 

Which is just as well as my training program has jumped a little (in both time and intensity).

Swim squad is now to be attempted in full - with allowable little rests as needed.  "Little rests" were required on Tuesday, but not nearly as many as last week, so more progress there.

Training wise nothing was achieved yesterday afternoon, due mainly to a medical appointment and also the heavy storms that came through. So, well rested, it was with a lot more energy that I prepared for a 40 minute walk/run early this morning.

Note the change from "jog" to "run" - yes ... more progress.

The overcast conditions made for near perfect weather to head out, but first I had to run the gauntlet of Family Plover living on the corner.

A ball of fluff on match sticks

They have hatched a chick and aren't happy when someone passes close by. 

I'm convinced that they are unimpressed by me mostly or perhaps by anyone wearing a visor and sunglasses.  Mum Plover (or was it dad) flapped madly in my direction but later allowed another bareheaded walker to go unmolested.  I will try and not take it personally.

My program calls for 6.30 pace for my "run" efforts.  Don't tell coach Daz, but to figure out how fast I was running these days, I actually had to run a kilometre.

Beginning to think I may have to get with the technology and ask Santa to deliver a Garmin.  Something simple, for running - with time and distance.  

I can't begin to tell you how exhilarating that single kilometre felt! Now I only have to string together 20 more of those and I'll be looking good for Ironman 70.3 Hawaii next May!

My walk/run was uneventful once I passed the pesky plovers, but I was a little disappointed to see "a tree of significance" in my neighbourhood had lost one of its branches. 

Branch down

We have had so much rain already (records for November) the ground is soggy and trees wet and heavy.  I'm sure this won't be the only tree down this wet season.

I have some more progress happening shortly when I attempt my first Comeback Queen brick session.

My program says I'm to do a 40 min ride (with some short efforts) followed by a quick transition to a 10 minute walk.

I'm looking forward to this immensely as it's even more  progress! 

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