04 November 2013

Plugged in

I have been plugged in with the iPod on recent walk/runs and enjoying making my way through my various playlists. 

My trusty iPod is so old now it gets weird looks when I drag it out of my pocket.

Bopping along with a smile on my face yesterday, I marveled at just what gets me off the computer stool and into action mode these days.

My 2012 ironman training was fueled mainly by Kings of Leon but now it's a seriously mixed bag and I thought I'd share my top three at the moment.

If I need a little motivation ....

Firstly there is this - I know it doesn't make sense, it's not supposed to, but it does get a spring in my step.

Then when there's nowhere else to run I enjoy this.

And if all else fails I "fire it up".  Joe might be getting a little craggy but his voice still has it for me. 

... who knows what will get me moving next week!

Plugged in to an ancient music machine 

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