02 November 2013

Running habit

I'm busy trying to redevelop a running habit.

This is definitely not an easy task when starting again from scratch but one I have to develop to have any hope of making that goal of Ironman 70.3 Hawaii in 2014.

So as I near the end of Week 3 I've been reflecting on whether it has become any easier.

Getting out the door - YES to that.  Feeling now that 30 mins isn't all that difficult to knock over. 

Walk /jog - YES to that.  Although still watching the clock tick over when I have to do my "run" efforts, I'm not checking quite so much and have this week, shock/horror, run a little overtime on a couple of occasions.

Concentration - My attention span still isn't really up to scratch.  Among the distractions are the ocean views and there are owls to search for in the trees along the foreshore.  However, I am walking a lot faster and covering more distance in the time allocation so that's a plus.

I'm also enjoying listening to some music - not sure if that is a good thing as it confirms I'm not yet up to hearing the sound of my laboured breathing or heavy footsteps!  

Looking forward to the day when I can head out again minus the iPod and just run.

The habit will return, this I know to be true. 

Nightcliff Foreshore - great place to be redeveloping a running habit

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