18 November 2013

Staying focused

The amount of personal admin we manage to generate is phenomenal and I find if I don't stay focused it can can rapidly pile up.

A quick glance around my desk area shows about a dozen different projects underway at once.  

Given my desire (intermittent I'll admit) to be clutter free, this state of affairs is causing more than a little stress.  Tomorrow I'm going to try and get this under control (famous last words perhaps).

But how did I get there?  It's squarely on triathlon's head.  I've been constantly off on tangents reading about the TeamTBB/Sutto parting of ways, watching & taking photos at Splash n Dash and junior aquathlons, athlete tracking at Shepparton and scrolling through Twitter and Facebook for news of friends who are racing all over the place to name but a few distractions.  

Thank goodness relief from the guilt of not getting things done comes in the form of a bike ride, a swim or another of my walk/jog sessions.  Nothing like getting out in the fresh air to make one feel better about the world. 

At least I'm staying focused on getting my training sessions done regardless of the state of the nation!

Great to report that I hit a new post op bike PB - 21km in an hour- over the weekend!  That was an enjoyable jaunt from home to East Point, a ride I hadn't done in such a long time. 

As I've a burning desire to get out on the road on Ms Trek, that 50km mark can't come quick enough.  As long as I stay focused on what is important, I'll make it ... maybe not by Christmas, but it will happen. 

Looking back at Darwin from East Point

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