26 November 2013

Triathletes shouldn't garden

With Cyclone Alessia now off our weather maps, it's all systems normal again here in the Top End.

The alarm went off loudly this morning and a quick lung full of air at the window showed we were continuing with welcome cool conditions.  

First up it was over to the pool for swim squad.  

After seven weeks of easing back into the latte lane, my program now calls for me to take note of how far I am actually swimming.

It was no surprise that having a target swim total to complete turned out to require a little more effort than I had putting in up until now.  

It also required a lot more concentration on my part ... a real kick starter towards actually starting to swim for real. 

I was able to give coach Daz the "thumbs up completed" signal with about ten minutes of squad time left, so feel I put in a solid effort.

Obviously still haven't reached that magic full session yet but it certainly feels as though that goal is not to too far away.

Invigorated by the mild weather I decided to undertake a yard clean up.  We don't have a very large courtyard but the palm fronds quickly build up, the weeds have had a growth spurt with all the rain and a number of pot plants needed a good trim.  

My get it done attitude was sorely tested when I managed to go face first through a rather large sticky cobweb.  I shudder just thinking about it.

Then this afternoon I had another mini brick to get through so I slapped on the sunscreen and hit the road around 4.30 pm to find that as well as warming up considerably, the wind had also picked up.  

This made for an awesome ride out past the hospital and up into and around Lyons.

Not so the return journey which saw me struggle a little riding into the head wind.  The last time I rode in wind like that was out on the Queen K at Kona last year.

Had to have a conversation with myself - "the wind is your friend", "if you want to ride up to Hawi next May, get on with it princess", - you know the sort of thing. 

A good talking to always works, and before long I was home and the ride part was done.  

Another "fast" transition was followed by a "brisk" walk!!  

My walk gets me over to the foreshore which I love.  There were about a dozen guys out wind surfing this evening which looked pretty spectacular. As did the flock of kites gliding around on a thermal.

Gliding around and around

But here we are a few hours later and my back is starting to ache. I've also got a couple of itchy spots on my face and a rough spot on my hand from wielding the secateurs.  

Comeback Queens really shouldn't garden!

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