24 November 2013

Week seven completed.

Though we don't get another cyclone update from the BoM for another hour and it is raining VERY heavily at the moment, I suspect the worst of the weather is going to slip by under us. 

Darwin also now appears to be on the fringe of the cyclone tracking map. 

Tracking Cyclone Alessia

Regardless of the weather, I'm very happy to report that Week 7 of my come back program is now ticked off, all done, dusted and completely finished. Woo hoo!

I managed to slip my last "ride/brisk walk" session in during a gap in the storms today, all fired up with enthusiasm after watching 3/4 of an hour of Ironman 70.3 Mandurah highlights.

It was the best time to head out as not only did it not rain, there were hardly any cars on the road.

This may have been due to cancellations because of the cyclone warning, but I suspect it had more to do with the fact that Australia looks like beating England at the first cricket Test currently underway in Brisbane and everyone being at home on the couch glued to the tele.

Given it is the end of the week, I opened and printed out my next week's program and noticed another slight increase in training time.

A little bit of reflection here.

Week 1 had me completing the grand total of 4 hrs 40 mins training.

This week, (7) I ticked over a whooping great 6 hours worth of swim, bike, and run.

The remarkable thing is, though that small amount pales into insignificance compared to just over 12 months ago, I was absolutely stoked to get it all done.  Nothing like an increase in fitness to up your mood. 

There was another little hiccup though. 

Earlier this week I became acutely aware of my big toe.  There is ordinarily nothing remarkable about my big toe but of late it's been calling an increasing amount of attention to itself via an area of pain.

By midweek it also looked & felt rather swollen. Given that I had a doctor's appointment on Monday and didn't think to get it checked out, I wouldn't be at all surprised if I'm developing one of those joints that ache when it is going to rain!  It's aching a little now so my guess is we are in for some more rain yet.

So now it's back to waiting for the cyclonic conditions to pass by - although I must confess to be enjoying the cooler weather that the low has produced these past few days. 

Watching for Cyclone Alessia

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