05 November 2013

Wet, wet, wet

Overnight storms rewrote the record books here in Darwin.  

Rain records tumbled, with the most rain in 73 years falling at Darwin Airport (which is nearby) in a 24hr period, according to this article from the ABC. 

It absolutely bucketed down and we got the first flood alerts of the wet season. 

When the alarm went off at 5.20am for swim squad this morning, the BoM radar was still looking very colourful:

The radar looking very colourful

A mention on Facebook that it may be hard for some to head over to the pool, resulted in this text arriving soon after:

No way I could go back to sleep

then a phone call from Ms Motivator herself who is currently interstate just making sure I hadn't rolled over and gone back to sleep. 

At least I was able to truthfully say I was already in my swim gear and on my way!

It was worth not missing.  The water was perfect and my confidence took a huge leap forward as I swam well today.  Seemed to have more feel for the water and was happy to grab some faster toes for some of the 50s.

Small steps.

Then this afternoon, it was time to hit the road on the bike (but not before checking that the BoM radar was clear) and again found that there is definitely some progress there.

I grinned hugely when I saw my speedo clock showing 34km per hour while doing my time on the aerobars.  

That's not fast I hear you think!  For me it's a measure of a great deal of progress.  Week 1 on the comeback trail and I was lamenting that it could be a long time before I'd be able to reach 20km per hour again.

Small steps.

So even though the day had a soggy wet, wet, wet start to it - for this Comeback Queen the news was all good. 

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