05 December 2013

Backpacker habits

Yikes, there are only 177 days left until race day!

Goal Event:      Ironman 70.3 Hawaii
Date:              31 May 2014 (185 days away)
Distance:         1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run

So far I've managed:

Longest swim:  300m
Longest ride:    25km
Longest run:     1km

Spent some time day dreaming today and realised, other than doing our entry and having a race outfit sorted, I have done very little else towards organising the actual trip.

I think I need to use a few of those 4248 hours left to actually make our travel and accommodation arrangements.

Having done a number of previous trips to the Big Island, we know we should get on to it. 

Travelling on the cheap requires a bit of forethought and luckily we have never really managed to ditch our backpacker mentality formed years ago - pre internet, iPads and credit cards.

Our first trip as fresh faced, rather naive youngsters was to Europe (a rite of passage) undertaken in the early 70's, after much scrimping and saving and with a well thumbed copy of Frommer's Europe on $5 a day tucked under an arm.

It was a bible, to be followed exactly, for fear your hard earned traveller's cheques may not last the year out. 

So here we are years later, with those travel principles still firmly entrenched and I'm extremely happy they are as we have travelled to some amazing destinations for races and up there, as one of the best trips, is Hawaii 70.3.

This trip has a touch of deja vu about it as we also competed at this Honu race in 2008. 

Then it was a plot hatched sitting down after a training triathlon at Lake Alexander that coach Daryl had organised. 

Ali, Michelle and I were shooting the breeze about where we would like to race (as all good triathletes do), and decided it would be a good idea to compete in Hawaii together. We had some fast talking to do, some detail to sort, but the idea took hold and it happened and we had a ball and I miraculously qualified for my first Ironman World Championships.  That you never forget!

Three Darwinites on the Big Island in 2008.  Photo by Daz

In May next year there will also be a number of others from Darwin competing and as well there will also be a special birthday to celebrate.  Thanks Rosie, for being the one to spur us all on this time! 

As mentioned, I'm pretty sure everyone else is much further ahead with travel arrangements than us, so instead of consulting Frommer, I'll drag out the Lonely Planet Hawaii guidebook and have a read.  Then I'll probably spend hours googling all things Hawaii travel related. 

Backpacker habits die hard, but thank goodness for the internet to help sniff out a bargain and credit cards to pay for them. 

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