09 December 2013

Congratulations Yanti

She did it!

I choked up watching Yanti cross the line at Ironman Western Australia late last night our time.

She swam 1 hr 11 mins 32 secs, slowly went through T1 in 14 mins 39 secs, nailed that 180km bike in 7hrs 17 mins 51 secs, prepared for the run with a T2 of 8 mins 48 secs and then covered the 42.2km "run" in 6 hrs 57 mins 09 secs.

That the winner of her category had finished over 6 hours before made no difference to her personal achievement.

Yanti had tried, tried, tried and tried again to become an "Ironman".

There were unsuccessful attempts at Ironman Melbourne & WA in 2012 and earlier this year Ironman New Zealand and then Ironman Japan defeated her.

She never, never, never gave up and yesterday her dream came true.

And I do believe she is the first Indonesian female to achieve an Ironman finish.

Yanti I salute you.

Yanti in Bali last year.

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