22 December 2013

Declutter fever

An hour of power I call it.  It's the domestic challenge I set myself ... see what you can get done in an hour going room to room!

Developed as a coping strategy when training for my first Ironman I am still functioning on that principle.  It has served this household well through eight Ironman and numerous shorter campaigns.

Being clutter free is another of my grand plans and I have fits and starts at achieving this, mostly after being inspired by a new post on Slow Your Home.

What has this to do with triathlon?  

I want to have the best shot I can at being able to concentrate fully on getting my training done for IM 70.3 Hawaii in the New Year. Some early preparation and household organisation can help achieve that and ensure that home retains some semblance of order as I'm out and about more and more getting my training done.  Much better to come home after a long ride and be able to put the feed up with a beer on the balcony than have to dash around with a duster. 

My decluttering desire started a couple of years ago after a number of failed attempts to reduce the piles and piles of triathlon magazines hoarded over the years.  I would start to sort them and end up putting them all back but for the most part they were just gathering dust, flicked through only when there was a tri argument or trivia question to be won. 

It was hard to part with my tri mag collection

They held a lot of memories and it was hard to ditch them.  That is until Jane Hunt started researching the history of triathlon in Australia.  The realisation that all the information in those magazines would end up in a book or on a website somewhere was all that was needed for me to finally let go. 

Haven't missed them, or having to dust the cobwebs off them.  

So now when I'm gripped by the odd bout of declutter fever, I think back on those tri magazines and use them as inspiration for an hour of power!

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