18 December 2013

I'm at where?

This time last year:

Following an appointment with my surgeon and review of scans, xrays, blood tests etc it was decided to that an attempt would be made to insert a kidney stent and a colonoscopy was also to be performed.  Surgery was scheduled for 20 Dec.

This caused a flurry of phone calls and emails and much angst as we were supposed to fly out for our daughter's wedding on that day. 

I coped with this news by plugging in the iPod and going for a long, long run along Casuarina Beach.

Where I'm at today:

165 days out from Ironman 70.3 Hawaii my comeback progress update reads like this:

Longest swim:  500m
Longest ride:    29km
Longest run:     1.3km

This morning's run/walk was also done along Casuarina Beach and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience (and the breeze).

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