08 December 2013

Ironman tracking inspiration.

Another inspiring day in tri paradise spent firstly bike & gear minding for those doing Daz's training tri early this morning. 

It was hot, humid and still but they got it done and appeared pretty pleased with their efforts.  

Top End tri training in build up/wet season conditions is a tough ask - and you become very accustomed to sweating lots and drinking enormous amounts of fluid trying to replace the loss.  It's nothing for us to be wringing wet and dripping!

You know you are a real Darwin triathlete when all the glasses in your cupboard are at least 500ml size and you can empty it in one go and front for a refill. 

The training (by others, I had a rest day) done and dusted, we head home to check on the tracker for the progress of those doing Ironman Western Australia.  

Coach Daryl had three athletes in the field, all first timers. Happy to report they are all safely across the finish line, having heard the magic words "You are an Ironman",  after knocking over the 3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km run in 9.24.32, 9.45.30 and 11.03.58.

But there are still more of interest and one in particular that I'm biting my nails over.

Yanti is attempting to become the first Indonesian woman to complete an Ironman event.

No biggie, except that this is, well maybe attempt number five or six that I can recall.  

Yanti has some health problems and is kind of accident prone so to see the ironman tracker tick over 34.3km of the run at 14.25.13 is nail bitingly inspirational not to mention emotional so I can only imagine how she feels.  

Go Yanti!  You can do it!

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