20 December 2013

It must be Christmas

The weather in Darwin is hot and humid and it must be Christmas time because the BoM is talking up the possibility of another cyclone forming in our region as early as Monday.  Wouldn't be Christmas in Darwin without a good spell of monsoonal rain and/or a cyclone watch to keep everyone on their tinselled toes.  

Those in the business of selling all things Christmas have been trying to entice our hard earned $$$ from us since way back in September so it's little wonder that I'm among those who have been slow off the mark. 

This year I made a few promises and, so far, I've managed to stay true.

I have delivered on a goal to get a Christmas catch up note distributed and there are some special people in our life who will be thrilled to receive actual snail mail.  

And before I dashed out shopping for wrapping paper and the like I did a quick search of the various places I stash things and gathered together all things Christmas.  That proved to be a good move and considerably reduced the length of the shopping list. 

This year I also did what I have often thought would be an awesome idea and that's get those "hard to buy fors" charity gifts.  So some of our friends and family will find they have a chicken heading for South Africa or they are contributing to clean water in Sri Lanka via Oxfam this year. I hope they feel good about that. 

As well as getting sorted for the festive season, there are still my various swim, bike, run sessions to tick off. 

We had our annual swim squad Christmas breakfast yesterday.  It has become quite a tradition and a great way to end the year. 

Most things shut down over Christmas and New Year as it is amazing how many people take the opportunity to get out of Darwin.  It can be the best time to train with very little traffic on the roads!

I haven't been neglecting my riding, in fact its actually gone up a notch.  My rides are getting longer and as a result I'm getting out to many places on the bike that I haven't been near for over a year. 

When I started this comeback attempt, I did wonder if I'd ever be in a position to reach Crocodylus again - I did today, and it was a great feeling.

Reaching the gates of Crocodylus again - celebration time

That's a round trip of about 26km.  Not much granted, but I'm racking up that distance more and more - little and often, is the key.

Those sessions will eventually join together and become longer sessions and when they do I'll be ready!

Hawaii here I come but first I'll enjoy this festive season and give thanks that I'm here to do so!

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