10 December 2013

Not a centimetre more

I'm happy to report that a few small personal achievements have happened over this past week bringing me ever nearer to my goal event. 

My sessions haven't been long but they have been increasing in frequency and slowly but surely my fitness level is increasing.

It was high fives all round when I ticked off a 500m non stop swim over the weekend and just today I had the satisfaction of seeing my bike computer tick over 29km indicating progress there as well.

Goal Event:      Ironman 70.3 Hawaii
Date:              31 May 2014 (172 days away)
Distance:         1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run

Progress update:

Longest swim:  500m
Longest ride:    29km
Longest run:     1km

Given that I was so close to a round 30km ride, you may wonder why I didn't go around the block to achieve that milestone as well.

I have this theory, well tested during training for eight ironman events, that it's best not to swim a stroke more, turn the pedals one revolution further or run a centimetre more than programmed, and I don't.

Works for me!

Not a pedal revolution more than needed 

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