01 December 2013

There's a big difference between murky & clear

It has been a whirlwind weekend and a big week of training for me.

Although none of my sessions are long, they are frequent.  A kind of "less is more" approach which is allowing my body to adapt slowly but surely.  

This approach is also a winner mentally, as no session has yet seemed difficult and I've found I'm happy to get out there and just "do".

Darwin Tri Club had a Splash N Dash event yesterday evening and as self proclaimed paparazzi, I spent an interesting couple of hours watching the race, taking photos for our Facebook page and some video footage for Daz's website.

The format (200m swim, 2km run x 3) was a repeat from a fortnight ago and it was interesting to see the different approach taken by many of the competitors.  It's a tough hit out and the guys took a much more conservative approach this time, saving themselves for the second and third round, rather than hammer the first.

It was a fabulous evening, great conditions and we even had a huge cruise ship docked at the wharf which made a spectacular backdrop for the event.

Cruise ship backdrop for Splash N Dash

I haven't swum at the Waterfront (a supposedly netted basin) in a long, long time and with the reported sighting, just before race start, of a fish a around a metre in length, it's a fair bet nothing is about to change any time soon.  

Blame Ironman Malaysia (2009 & again in 2010) for my fear of all things piscatorial, as I copped severe jelly fish stings both years there.

With scars still visible on my wrist, the possibility of bumping into anything in the water, even a leaf, is enough to make my heart race. 

Still bare the faint scars  from this encounter 3 years later

The thought of encountering a metre long monster in murky water at the Waterfront doesn't appeal in the slightest.

However, there is a big difference between murky and clear, and swimming with turtles in the waters of Hapuna Beach in Hawaii in 182 days time, is on the other hand,  a huge motivator!!

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