06 December 2013

Will I swim or ride?

A year ago I had just been informed that colectoral cancer had returned, this time growing on the outside wall of the bowel and involving my right kidney (which proved to be non functioning), the major vein and other organs.  

Given that I had suspected something was happening, the diagnosis wasn't really a surprise. The prognosis - inoperable and serious - was.

So a year ago I was facing a barrage of tests, scans, ultrasounds and procedures and had been referred by my GP and booked in for an appointment with an oncologist (a fairly scarce bred in Darwin).

Most upsetting at the time was the possibility that we may miss our daughter's wedding.

Me, finisher at 2012 Ironman World Championships only 2 months before and already entered for Ironman Cairns 2013 - found my world turning upside down. 

So today as I procrastinate over whether to swim or ride, I'm just thankful to be here and for having that decision to make. 

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