25 January 2014

A different tired on Australia Day

I'm a little tired this evening.

It's a good tired, the kind that comes from any early start to the day, fresh air and physical activity. 

A tiredness linked to this morning completing the longest ride done since starting this comeback campaign. 

A tiredness linked to also completing my longest run (well OK, run/walk) yesterday as well.

All those smaller sessions I've been doing are now starting to link together and my program for next week is pretty close to what I would have previously considered "normal".

So here's where things currently sit with 126 days to go until Ironman 70.3 Hawaii:

Longest swim:      1.3km  (must put myself to the test again outside of squad as I'm hoping this will also be much improved)

Longest ride:        40.3km

Longest run/walk:  9.5km

Since my "new beginning" in October, I do sometimes have doubts about being able to complete this race and it is the bike that worries me most.  That climb up to Hawi and then the slow drag back from Kawaihae to the Queen K are very vivid memories so it was good to get a ride in that was almost half the distance. 

There is definitely much work still to be done but I've come a long way when I remember that this time last year I was in Brisbane with my fingers crossed awaiting results of a top to toe PET scan.

Because Australia Day then fell on the weekend (as it does again this year) Monday was deemed the Public Holiday so it would be the Tuesday before we could see the colorectal surgeon and the urologist and hear the verdict as to whether they would recommend surgery or just send me home for palliative chemotherapy.  

I was tired then, very tired.

Tonight's is a different tired and I know without hesitation which I prefer. 

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