08 January 2014

A top day

The thing about new beginnings is that all that has gone before is forgotten and so it is for me.
After so much time out, my fitness had reached zero level so it is rather interesting to have started training from scratch for Ironman 70.3 Hawaii.

The lovely pink Garmin tells me that today I set a new record for 5km runs. OK, so it is still actually a run/walk but to read that my time improved on such a hot day (and after a ride this morning) really made my day!  

During the times I am running, I try to imagine that I'm getting closer and closer to the finish chute and it helps to motivate me to run just a little further. A little weird perhaps, but it does seem to help!  

Along with starting with a clean slate for this comeback attempt, I also made a vow that I would make more time to "smell the frangipani" and today included a number of sightings of birds normally so camouflaged that even Sir David Attenborough would find them hard to spot.

First as I headed off to meet Kylie for our morning ride, I spotted this guy in a ray of sunlight ...

then this afternoon while running I was delighted to finally have a camera handy and spot a tawny frogmouth family.

So I head for zzzzzland with a smile - an enjoyable ride done, a new run pb, dinner with friends and glimpses of hard to spot feathered beauty.  I call that a top day!


  1. Hi! I am on the SOAS 2014 team too this year! Glad to meet you...I don't have a bolt right now...but will try to get one started for the season! Happy training! Cheryl Palen (Tucson, Arizona)

    1. BLOG (not bolt...) I think the auto-correct kicked in! ha!