31 January 2014

And then there is wind

The weather gods are making mischief again today (see previous post) and this brought on a period (quite a long period really) of procrastination earlier today.

I watched, waited, got ready, watched some more, waited, got ready ... you get the drift ... before finally taking a dose of cement and heading out on my run.  

There were even more puddles to jump over and didn't dare stray from the paths for fear of disappearing up to the knees in mud and sludge but the run was enjoyable just the same.

As it is so much cooler during a monsoon everyone including me, is reluctant to moan too much about the weather.

I was also hoping to get a ride in today but no longer owning a mountain bike, and with the doppler wind map showing lots of dark blue there is no way I'll venture out on my road bike after almost being blown off yesterday.

We are apparently in for yet another huge tide this evening and this combined with the wind and rain has authorities predicting flooding along Rapid Creek quite near our home. 

Never a dull moment in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. 

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