26 January 2014

Australia Day

Long weekends are always great and I love how people come out to play and this Australia Day morning we  headed for Casuarina Beach which was largely deserted at 6am.

I won't lie, I found the beach running sections tough going but did gallop along nicely on the tracks through the reserve.

With not a nudist in sight (a section of the beach is designated Nude Beach), the serenity was good for the soul.

Although they soon dropped me (and in some cases lapped me) I had lots of company to kick start the day including the girls (missing Amy and Tara) below. 

They are great running buddies and so very, very encouraging.  I'm lucky to have them  and others watching out for me.

Following our run we chatted all things Australia Day - snags on the bbq, the ute run, lamingtons, Vegemite and our 2014 Australian of the Year

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