10 January 2014

Fancy that!

It was a milestone day today for me and for my nearest and dearest.

I had another appointment scheduled with my oncologist at the Alan Walker Cancer Centre  to receive the results of my latest CT scans and blood tests.  

Although there was nothing to indicate anything other than good results, the fear factor, as always, kicked in from the moment I felt the CT scan dye pulsing through my veins on Tuesday.

Blood tests were taken on Wednesday and from then on I could feel myself getting progressively more tense as appointment time approached.  

The collective sigh of relief when the doctor said "all clear" was extremely audible as was the spontaneous high 5! 

We then spent some time discussing all things medical with the Doc including the precautions I may need to take as I ramp up my training for Ironman 70.3 Hawaii. 

I'm yet to trial race day nutrition options but given I'm now minus one kidney he stressed how important it is for me to be well hydrated.  With our Darwin weather, that's already quite difficult! 

It comes in handy when your better half is also your coach as he was (as always) there with me to hear it all first hand. 

Daz has been there for me through thick and thin and I could never in a million years, thank him enough.

He is my number one supporter and his sigh of relief today was just as loud as mine. 

All that good news was cause for much celebration and I did that with a 5km post op PB together with my fastest one kilometre for over a year .... fancy that!

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