14 January 2014

I think I can

As we were still under a cyclone watch this morning, I wondered as I headed for Nightcliff Pool in the rain and in the dark, if anyone would turn up for swim squad. 

Of course they did!  I think most, like me, correctly assumed there wouldn't be much of an opportunity to get out and do any training later today so we were all happy to get a swim under our belt early in case a cyclone did develop.

That wasn't to be and our watch was cancelled mid afternoon.  So now, thankfully, we just get to enjoy the cooler conditions that the monsoon brings. 

A wet, grey but beautiful cool day in Darwin 

Checking my training program again a short while ago, it didn't surprise me to see that I've now inched up to nine hours of swim, bike, run this week.

Seeing that also prompted me to check where I'm at today:

With 137 days to go until Ironman 70.3 Hawaii, my comeback progress update reads like this:

Longest swim:      1.3km
Longest ride:        33.3km

Longest run:         2km 
Longest run/walk:  8.6km
Looks like I'm about a third of the way there and becoming more and more comfortable every day. 

A big plus is noticing that I'm starting to develop a feel for the water again and having fun trying to stay on toes. 

I feel a little like that little red engine - I think I can, I think I can!

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