12 January 2014

Sunrise v sunset

My home town, Darwin (located in the Northern Territory of Australia) is somewhat famous for its sunsets, particularly those viewed from Mindil Beach Markets which are a big magnet for dry season tourists.

But those of us living here know that our sunrises are pretty cool too and they have been awesome lately.

Daz had a run session happening first thing this morning and this was the view as we arrived at the meeting spot.

Dudley Point, Darwin

Actually I didn't have to run, so it was more a social gathering for me - a jaw workout!

I've knocked over this week's programmed runs (with that pb I mentioned in an earlier post) and have also ticked all my ride boxes (again with an improved result).  

That only leaves me with a swim later this afternoon to complete at Nightcliff Pool and my program is done and dusted for the week. 

Nightcliff Pool
Image: Jess Abrahams

Everything is finally coming together and I'm almost ready to call myself a triathlete again. Disregarding my previous triathlon history and going on current fitness and distance, I'd be classified as being at novice level right now!

So this novice is planning to leave her swim until a little later and perhaps pick a winner from sunrise versus sunset.

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