03 January 2014

Running Darwin style

Not blessed with sponsors to deliver all those lovely new triathlon products to my door, I've largely been behind in the technology stakes.

I also admit to not yet graduating to a smartphone (soon to be rectified - NY resolution) and owning an iPad for less than a year. 

Granted I made my way through the Walkman, Discman years and finally graduated to an iPod - loading my music from our CD collection before eventually setting up an Apple ID and with one click giving them access to my credit card.  My "purchased" file is not yet overcrowded. 

At one stage I did feel the need to have cycle computer which recorded cadence, and there was also a period where I religiously wore a heart rate monitor. 

But once the novelty wore off and I pretty much knew what my HR or cadence would be without looking, those devices were left to gather dust or not replaced.

I've always preferred the "keep it simple" policy, so over my triathlon life I've been a Ironman watch wearer - just the basic watch with the grand total of 50 laps max - to record overall and lap times, has always been sufficient.  

My runs were, in the past, measured by riding them either before or afterwards.  From home I can pretty much give you kilometre markings for up to seven kms in various directions! 

Once I settled into my Ironman pace during training, it became a matter of "how long did I run for" and that would equal so many kilometres with unerring accuracy. 

So imagine my surprise to find myself excited by the data that can be extracted from my new Garmin (a gift from my beautiful daughter at Christmas).

Today I've invested the time to set up an account and downloaded my Singapore runs.

And now I'm hooked.  It was the pretty maps covered with the squiggly lines of my routes that did it ...

... not to mention averages, elevation, records and the like.  Supercoach Daz is going to know my every move from here on, no hiding now!

So my Garmin is now all powered up and I can't wait to get out there tomorrow, find myself a satellite and go run Darwin style - from tap to bubbler.

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