30 January 2014

Singing in the rain

A few days have passed since I last posted and they have been very wet days.  

Darwin has been in the grip of monsoonal conditions again, and while there are no cyclone warnings current for us, the amount of rain recorded means we are waterlogged and there are flood warnings out all over the Top End.

As the storms roll through and swimming, riding and running in the rain becomes the norm, we are again in danger of being swamped by wet clothes, wet towels and very wet shoes of all varieties.

Noses are on high alert for mould but heaven forbid our car should ever be taken over like this. Our temperature probably needs to go up a few degrees before our shoes, belts and leather sofa are at risk again.

The cloud cover also makes picking up a satellite for GPS devices a little difficult but while ever it stays cool not many complain except to wish for a couple of hours of sunshine to get a few things dry!

Bright spots do occur.  Mine was receiving my new run gear order from the wonderful crew at SOAS Racing and being able to get out and jump puddles yesterday looking pretty cool (at least that's what I'm led to believe).

While enjoying a soggy post run beer on the balcony later, a rainbow appeared and I took that as a sign that our little corner of the world isn't going to be destroyed by floodwater just yet. Phew!

We could however disappear down one of the many potholes now starting to appear on our roads. 

No point in grizzling though, when to the south of us Melbourne is gearing up for a heatwave which will see friends competing in 40+ degrees C  at Challenge Melbourne at the weekend and over on the Queensland coast other friends are battening down awaiting the arrival of Cyclone Dylan.  

So think I'll just toughen up and get out there and enjoy dodging potholes, splashing through puddles and perhaps do a little singing in the rain while I ride. 

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