23 January 2014

Small world

Some good friends recently travelled to Bali to spend their Christmas and New Year break.

As many frequent visitors and expats do while staying there, they browse the local English language newspaper the Bali Advertiser, to discover what is happening and making news on the Island of the Gods.

What my friends came across in the 25 Dec-8 Jan 2014 edition, prompted them to bring a copy home for me.

Appears the author of "This Sporting Life" column liked my earlier
blog post regarding Yanti becoming the first Indonesian female to complete an Ironman so much that they thought a little plagiarism was in order. 

Given I get a closing mention as "one of the world's most outstanding triathletes" and we got such a good laugh, all is forgiven.

Small world.

By the way, if ever you are looking for a holiday destination race, the 
Bali International Triathlon is well worth considering. 

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