19 January 2014

Week ends on a Leilani high

The event at Lake Alexander last night was wet, as in really wet, it absolutely bucketed down at times.  But it was an aquathlon, there was no lightning and everything was in place so it went ahead as planned and competitors had a ball.  

I did manage to take some photos, enough to satisfy the demands of Facebook, but the rain and fading light made the task a little difficult.

Running through the rain with the light fading 

As Daz was race director, we had cones, buoys, signs etc to pick up after the race and it was quite late when we arrived home, both dripping wet and believe it or not, quite cold.

We were up early again this morning to run and you guessed it - still raining.

Running in the rain in Darwin is one of life's simple pleasures and it is so nice to be cool and rain wet rather than hot, sweaty wet!

A quick Sunday evening review of my week's training program was a little disappointing.  I have been progressing nicely for weeks and managing to get all my program done but not so this time.

The storms (and wind) meant I'm down two ride sessions this week.  Looking on the positive side I ran well (less fatigued) and my three swims also went well ... and I'm still in one piece which may not have been the case if I had risked riding in the current conditions. That wind has been so strong, I heard grown men have dismounted and walked over some of the more exposed footbridges. 

We may get a reprieve tomorrow as the weather forecast is for "storms" rather than "squally storms".  Those with solar systems are out of hot water, most of us have piles and piles of wet clothes hanging around and the smell of wet shoes is now all pervading.

The week has ended on a high though with the birth of a cute little tri baby with a beautiful name (Leilani) born to friends Ali and Stu (early this morning by c section).

She is a petite little sweetie and I was mightily chuffed to be able to visit early and have a cuddle. Leilani and I have bonded, she is going to be another special little person in my life. 

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