17 January 2014

Wet, cool and fighting the mould

With much of Australia currently battling heatwave conditions and bushfires it seems rather petty to moan about mould growing, musty smells and wet laundry hanging all around the house. 
With our weather forecast for the next few days reading:

Forecast for Friday Evening
Squally showers. Moderate to fresh and gusty west to northwest winds. 

Precis:       Squally showers.               

Forecast for Saturday
Squally showers, with one or two storms in the morning. Moderate to fresh and
gusty west to northwest winds. 

Precis:       Squally showers, storm.                      
Darwin:       Min 24    Max 31
Rural:        Min 23    Max 32
UV Alert     8:50 am to 4:50 pm, UV Index predicted to reach 15 [Extreme]

Sunday        Showers.                               Min 24    Max 31
Monday        Showers.                               Min 24    Max 31
Tuesday       Showers.                               Min 24    Max 31

it looks as though we are going to struggle to get anything dry for a few more days yet.
Shoes are also difficult to manage.  Most people I know have at least three pairs of running shoes on the go at once and usually one or two pairs are designated "wet season" runners.  
We do like to run in the rain - it's a change to be wet and cool rather than wet, hot and sweaty but with two triathletes in the house it does generate a huge amount of washing.  
As we are also dodging showers when we ride and with umbrellas next to useless in the strong winds we usually manage to get wet doing any outside activity at all.  Even an ill timed trip to the post box can result in a drenching!
Not being able to get anything dry means we have two full clothes airers competing for space under our downstairs fan.
Yes we do have a clothes drier but our largely lycra wardrobe doesn't take to kindly to that method of drying.
This monsoon has lasted so long all our bedding is also starting to feel damp, and don't get me started on the perils of bath towels in this weather.
There are positives though, the water temperature at the pool has dropped from 30+ degrees C to a rather nippy 26 degrees which is very invigorating for those of us used to swimming in normal warm soup like conditions. 
The surf is also up and those that believe the crocs and stingers disappear when there are choppy conditions, are out in force catching a wave. Not me, but I do like to watch. 

Kite surfer braving the crocs & stingers at Casuarina Beach while the surf is up. 

I'm hoping for a few gaps in the weather tomorrow as I did zip, zero, zilch today of my training and will have to double up if I can.
Darwin Triathlon Club (of which I am a life member and current secretary) kicks off events for 2014 tomorrow evening with an aquathlon of 400m swim, 4km run.  We ditch the bike leg during the wet season for obvious reasons.
I'm looking forward to seeing who is in shape (you can spot those who trained right through the festive season) and those that have slipped (read had a fantastic Christmas and over indulged a little) and also to playing paparazzi and taking lots of happy snaps of those competing. 
In the mean time, I'll go and shuffle the laundry and turn the fan up a notch and hope to have something dryish to wear tomorrow. 

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