05 January 2014

Words of wisdom

Receiving a new training program is always exciting and mine for next week is no exception.  It looks set to challenge my time management skills as well as stretch me to the limits physically.

Somehow I have to fit in three swim sessions, three bike sessions and a couple of runs.

Also in there are core & stretch sessions both of which I seriously need to pay more attention to.  

Ironman 70.3 Hawaii is inching ever closer and my training will continue to step up the closer it gets. 

This week there will also be some tension in the form of scans, blood tests and an oncologist appointment for results so those sessions are going to help the time pass.  It is always an anxious time undergoing the various tests and then waiting for results.  

But back to my program - following my surgery my core strength has all but disappeared.  As a result I'm finding as my runs get longer and I fatigue a little, I have that "bum in a bucket" look and feel happening and no core strength with which to prevent it. 

As well, flexibility is not a word you would ever associate with me, but I so admire those people who have seriously embraced yoga.  You know the ones I mean - they can easily put their forehead on their knees and always appear so calm as well as being supple.

So from someone who can barely reach her toes at the moment, here's my words of wisdom - stretch, stretch, stretch and as well as moisturizing your face, don't forget your neck (front and back).  Just threw that in there!

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