11 February 2014

Ambassador material

I've had one of those days.  You know, the kind that just flies by.  

On the one hand, gone in a blink of an eye but with this morning's swim squad now seeming such a long, long time ago!

It has been a wonderful day for both coach Daryl and athlete Stef, with notification coming through that Stef's professional license has been approved by Triathlon Australia. 

Stef has trained hard to realise this dream of racing alongside the best in the sport and she has a big year planned.  

Her achievements here in Darwin as well as interstate and overseas have been consistently good and I'm sure they will continue to be in the future.  

Stef is a delightful young lady and we are all thrilled for her.

And a big plus - she looks SO good in SOAS Racing gear she really should be an Ambassador as well!

Stef on the podium & receiving a kiss from Felix at Challenge Melbourne 

Good luck in the future Stef!

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