16 February 2014

Half way around the world to talk about the weather

Since last posting, we have travelled half way around the world but the main topic of conversation is still .... the weather!!

We left Darwin, currently experiencing the wettest of wet seasons, where the ground is water logged and the smell of mould is all pervading, the temperature is hot, hot, hot and the crocs are on the move, and flown for endless hours, just to find ourselves in the midst of extreme weather in the UK.  

Our welcome back to London was in the form of yellow and amber weather warnings, necessitating layer upon layer dressing (no throwing on the shorts & tshirt here).  

The wind is rattling the windows and doors and if outside, seeps into our bones with remarkable ease.

Given that we have gone thermal and have the London uniform down pat (ie black, black and black) we are at least looking the part but acclimatising to the weather is a gradual thing and I think I'm still a couple of days away yet!

Daryl ventured out in a very jet lagged state for an early morning run yesterday.  Covered head to toe in almost every item of clothing he owned, he came back with red cheeks and red nose.

I'm yet to hit the pavement, but with the weather forecast for improving conditions believe tomorrow will be my big day. 

Spotted this tribute to cycling in London - would love to see it in the spring!

I can't help but admire anyone training in this climate.  It must be hard to leave a nice cosy warm bed to head out in the freezing cold.

The London Fields lido is our closest pool and it was a hive of activity this morning. Being a total woose I opted to not bring swim gear this trip but obviously locals don't think twice about getting their laps done. 

With jet lag still a factor and waking early, we rugged up and were out the door and on the move early this morning.  It wasn't quite a run, but we had a very enjoyable brisk walk along the Thames done and dusted before 9am. A couple of times the wind gusts were of surprising strength and I couldn't help but think what it would be like to be on a bike.

So all power to those who swim, bike and run in this country at this time of year.  They are out there doing it while I'm still talking about the weather and gathering the courage to get out there and face it in run gear. 

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