22 February 2014

Bonus taste of Spring

Happy to post that I now have a few London runs in my legs (not to mention walks) and am quite at home in the cold.  

The combination of running and sight seeing makes the time pass quickly and is so enjoyable that the temptation is to do too much!

As an example, yesterday I rugged up and headed off for an "urban" run in the general direction of London Bridge.

I firstly poked around in the back streets of Shoreditch and then half way to the Bridge got sidetracked (as you do) at Spitalfields Traders Market and then again at St Botolph's Church. 

Needless to say I didn't make it to London Bridge before having to turn around.  As it was I ended up jumping on a bus to head home.  Love the freedom to do that (not a drop of Darwin sweat in sight).

But most of all I'm enjoying running and taking in all the hints of Spring - there are bulbs emerging, with the daffodils and crocus adding spots of colour to the fields. Trees are starting to blossom, roses are sprouting new leaves and everywhere there are window boxes showing signs of colourful displays to come.

spring blossoms at Haggerston Park

We don't have four seasons at home in Darwin - just wet and dry.  So here's to our unaccustomed taste of spring. A real bonus!

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