07 February 2014

One step back, two steps forward

I have been "off my oats" for most of the week and following my run (questionable) this morning, my body was definitely telling me to do something about it.

Luckily my wonderful GP was able to fit me in and has started me on a course of antibiotics with some further test results due back next week.

So a little down in the mouth, I drew on the "look where you were twelve months ago" scenario to lift me out of the blues.

Back then I was still sporting drips and drains and catheters and rejoicing in making it down the hospital corridor with the help of a walker!

I've also had an enjoyable dinner with friends this evening.  A year back I was just coming off "clear fluids" and was weighing in at around 47kgs and doing a good job of impersonating Angelina Jolie (without the height).

Looking back occasionally reminds me I do have a lot to be positive about and though today has been a step back, I'm sure I will be taking two steps forward again real soon.

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