27 February 2014

Self inflicted misery

So I've galloped around London enjoying the sights, sounds and yes, even the smells but now find myself sidelined by self inflicted misery in the form of a few rather painful heel blisters.

I knew it was a mistake 100 metres from the door!  Fashion over functionality it was. Heading for the shopping mecca that is Westfield Stratford I thought I would smarten up a little and ditch the practical shoes in favour of looking good ....  big mistake.  

My shopping at Westfield centred around finding a pharmacy and choosing the right bandaids/plasters so that I could manage to limp around long enough to make it home.

Needless to say running has been severely curtailed and may now even have to wait until we are back home in Darwin (the countdown on our departure is ticking ... we have only a couple more days to enjoy).

Will we or will we not head out to opening day of the London Tri Show?  That rather depends on how well these heels heal!

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