05 February 2014


The combined influence of the atrocious Darwin weather and a weekend trip down to the sweltering south of the country to watch Challenge Melbourne has meant a somewhat patchy attendance to my training program over the past few days.

Prior to our red eye flight to Melbourne I did manage to sneak in a wet ride and did so again yesterday.  

The storms are still coming through with enough wind power behind them to actually rock my confidence on the bike.  

When it's a struggle to stay upright and the rain is stinging, I find it difficult to actually get the specifics of the session done.  

I do think having your bum on the seat (however wet) is better than not at all and surely battling against the wind is strength work even if target times are not attained?

My mantra in conditions like this is "think Hawi, think Hawi", followed by "the wind is my friend".

Being on the sidelines at Challenge Melbourne confirmed a few things:

1.  I love the sport of triathlon and all that surrounds it - except those who deliberately draft.

2.  I was inspired anew by the efforts of competitors on what was the hottest of hot days

3.  I'm a finish line junkie.


4.  SOAS Racing tri gear looks fantastic.

The reason for our attendance at the race was primarily to watch and support Tim Green, racing his first event after newly turning professional.  

It was a milestone moment for Tim and Daryl after working together for over two years to reach this point.  

Another of his athletes, Stef (one of those cool as a cucumber chicks in SOAS) was also competing as was our favourite Pom, Jo. 

I loved being on the sidelines, supporting them and many others I knew, as well as many I didn't.  Always great when there are names on race bibs and you can surprise people with a personal shout out!

The finish line at Challenge events is always special and Melbourne was no exception.

Special moment for coach Daryl & athlete Tim Green - first pro race done.

Tim finished in 10th place in the stacked elite male field and received his first pro pay check. He may very well frame that one!

Stef also made top 10 in the females and was 3rd in F25-29 (a hell of a tough category at this race).

Stef, awesome in SOAS, looks as though she could do it all again!

Now that little sojourn is done I need to stop being sidetracked, fire up the Garmin and get some solid training in. 

If that means in between storms while ever this monsoon weather persists, so be it. 

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