27 March 2014

A very special delivery

It came, as the crow flies, some 13,000 kilometres (or 8ooo miles) and from the state of the box, had obviously been handled none to delicately.

Despatched on 18 March, this very special delivery arrived just this morning (after travelling from San Diego via Los Angeles and goodness knows where here in Australia).  As there had been no movement updates on the parcel tracker since it first arrived in Oz some four days ago, the knock on the door took me completely by surprise in the end.

This box contained the tangible evidence that I am, indeed, very much part of Team SOAS.

I've now tried on every item of the gorgeous team kit, and aside from a minor oops in a size choice, feel empowered to step back out into the tri world and continue to promote the company that came up with the absolute best women's endurance sport apparel ever. 

Have you seen the latest designs? They are as fabulous as those currently available and advance orders are being taken.

If you haven't yet checked out the SOAS website here's a glimpse of some of the women I've spotted recently looking as awesome as can be ....

There is a style, colour and/or pattern choice to suit everyone and SOAS Racing really does deliver on its mission:

"to bring women in endurance sports a means of feeling strong and feminine at the same time".

And here's this wannabe Comeback Queen feeling strong and feminine at Kona in 2012, and very much looking forward to feeling that way again real soon in my 2014 team gear.

Thanks SOAS for making me feel welcome. 

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