17 March 2014

All inspired

I guess you could say we are experienced tri travellers and that we have found some triathlon locations more suitable than others and some have been easier to get to than others, so heading down to the south coast of New South Wales (via Brisbane & Canberra) for the weekend and including the brand spanking new Challenge Batemans Bay in the trip, was a bit of a raffle really.

As well as the opportunity to catch up with family & friends, we were there to be on the sidelines to cheer on Stef & Tim, team SANT and fellow club member Heath. 

The flights worked well, as did our travel down to the coast.  Rather than drive late at night we stopped in Queenbeyan and travelled down to Batemans Bay early Saturday morning.   

It was a long time since we had driven in that area and we were impressed again with the beauty of countryside as well as the national parks along the way.  No similarity to the Top End at all.

Definitely had a road trip feel!

On arrival at the Bay, we easily found our accommodation, and had chosen wisely - we were located directly across from transition and the expo, with a short walk to shops.

This was extremely handy on race morning, when getting over to watch the action was just a matter of walking across the road.  

How could a triathlon location, looking like this on race morning, not impress??

The field was star studded and included Pete Jacobs, Brad Kahlefeldt, Clayton Fettell and Josh Amberger in the 25 deep pro male field and Radka Kavodickova, Belinda Granger, Michelle Wu and Jessica Fleming in the large women's field. 

The days of soft option pro fields seem long gone, with races in Australia attracting more and more athletes at the pointy end of the field and that also makes for more interest for spectators (like me).

Speaking of spectating, I seem to be doing a lot of that these days. 

Ironman 70.3 Hawaii is rapidly approaching and I've just missed the best part of another week due to injury.  My shoulder is still giving me some grief and although I know it is improving, has still been a worry over the weekend.

I have regained a wide range of motion but my shoulder is inclined to be puffy at end of the day and has a painful spot.

If I'm to be in any shape for a comeback, I'll need another dose of cement real soon, like tomorrow .....

lucky I'm all inspired after seeing the tri action at Challenge Batemans Bay over the weekend and watching Stef get her first pay cheque and Tim achieve some personal goals along the way as the placed 15th in the guys!!

 Women's podium Challenge Batemans Bay
L-R 2nd Jess Flemming, 1st Radka Kavodickova, 3rd Belinda Granger

Brad Kahlefeldt hit the lead early in the run at Batemans Bay and stayed there!

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