31 March 2014

I've come a long way

I haven't blogged for a bit, perhaps an indication that I've been out there on the roads, the paths and lapping in the pool a little more these days. 

There is still a way to go, but this is where things currently sit for me at 62 days out from my comeback goal - Ironman 70.3 Hawaii:

Longest swim: 1.3 km 
Longest ride: 50.7 km 
Longest run/walk:  9.5 km 

I'm particularly chuffed to report the news that I managed to knock over a solid 40km ride/5km run brick yesterday  - and survived the Top End heat and humidity.

As my ride started in the dark and sprinkling rain at the tail end of a storm, my bike work was a little tentative early on as I negotiated what we affectionately call the "urban peaks" here in Darwin. That's a ride in the city which includes every climb we can find. There aren't that many so we do repeats - see previous post!

As we are now sneaking ever closer to race date, travel arrangements also had to be revisited. So I pulled the file and over the weekend I have spent an inordinate amount of time finalising our inter island flights, hire car booking, firming up Big Island and Waikiki accommodation and doing visa applications to enter the US. 

As luck would have it, the AUD had risen a little so that was a real bonus.

On the down side, the per piece price for inter island baggage has risen, so this trip is definitely a case of win some, lose some.

Now for the scary news! My wonderful coach has deemed me to be in need of a "tri" wake up call before Honu and oh oh, my new program has me down for Ray White NT Sprint Distance here in Darwin this Sunday.  

While not completely a surprise, my body is starting triathlon all over again but my brain remembers it as a piece of cake. In reality the two aren't quite gelling just yet and I'm experiencing a degree of frantic-ness as I try to work out what I need to do and what I need to take to a no race bag, sprint distance event!  

I've had to dash out and find elastic laces, decide on footwear and after breaking my current pair, order in new goggles (which may or may not arrive in time).

What to wear is taken care of.  If I'm going to put myself out there I'm going to look the best I can so my Team SOAS kit will be with me (and on me) at the weekend. 

If I manage to get through this little (?) no pressure, just enjoy yourself, stop if it hurts, taste of tri, it has the potential to be an emotional moment - this time last year I was a skinny minnie undergoing chemotherapy.

Almost as if I needed a reminder, I'm scheduled for another three monthly follow up next week with blood tests this Friday and scans the day after the race. 

I've come a long way!

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